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Заголовок сообщения: The English Otto Dix Wikipedia article
Сообщение Добавлено: 23 июл 2010, 02:29 
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17 сен 2008, 15:14
So, um... to cut a long story short, IT NEEDS FIXING. Just look at this (the entire description of the band on the page):

Otto Dix is a Russian darkwave[1][2] music trio. Named after the expressionist painter of the same name, they are notable for their androgynous singer, believed to be either a countertenor male or a contralto female. They are currently signed to Danse Macabre Records, a record label owned by German act Das Ich[3]. At the moment Otto Dix is managed by Ukrainian Gothic Portal, the agency which organized concert of the band on Castle Party 2010[4].

I mean, it's funny the first time, but by the seventy millionth time you hear this crud... ehhh no.

Also, compare to the Russian article:Îòòî_Äèêñ_(ãðóïïà)

While I'm not sure of most of what it says on there (yeah, my Russian is still crap, aheheh), it's obviously far more impressive than that rather pathetic-looking little English article.

So I'm thinking, maybe us English-speaking Otto Dix fans could band together and help each other make the article what it should be! Right right?? :D

*I'm only talking about the English article because I don't know any Belarussian, Spanish or Polish, so I wouldn't be of much use to those other articles, but they could probably do with getting an improvement too...


What's wrong, Mr Fingers? Do you not like my mouth-words?

Сообщение Добавлено: 23 июл 2010, 18:39 
Der Fanat
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13 мар 2009, 22:21
oh my goat, same shit even in English sources><
I don't know how to fix the wikipedia articles, but I agree with you that we need to stop these rumours before they spread internationally.

Сообщение Добавлено: 07 авг 2010, 15:12 
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Откуда: Poland
07 авг 2010, 13:58
I know how to edit wiki, it's very simple, but I don't know much about members of OD... Tell me what to write in it, and what to fix.

Заголовок сообщения: Re: The English Otto Dix Wikipedia article
Сообщение Добавлено: 11 авг 2011, 00:14 
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12 янв 2011, 13:01
I have translated an article from sheet music book. I hope, it can be helpful for somebody)
Warning: there it can be some mistakes. :blush3: :dntkn:

Otto Dix

The group’s style
Otto Dix is a darkwave group with EBM and industrial tunes. Draw calls their style “electronic avante-garde”. Theme of the songs is postapocalypse, psychology, morals and BDSM. The group uses strident, hysterical melodies in her music, sounding in minor tonalities. Some melodies are similar to Dark Ambient. Every song has a tiny solo performance and original image which is made by music, lyric, Draw’s movements and unusual vocal abilities (Draw is a countertenor).
The musical group Otto Dix was formed in the summer of 2004 in Khabarovsk. The idea of a group and it’s name was introduced by Draw, who had played in other bands before.
At first, there was a third man, who played the guitar. He introduced Draw to Slip, but some time late he left the band. Since this time Otto Dix has played electronic music.
Despite of European style all songs are written in Russian language. Draw considers that only native language can fully express innermost thoughts.
In the beginning a group’s style was formed.
Draw works at the image of their band, writes lyrics for their songs and Slip composes music. They also write books and draw pictures.
The first appearance was on November 28th, 2004. The group played only two songs (“White Dust” and “Penitence”). That day was a birthday of Otto Dix.
In 2004-2005 the band worked with a youth theatre “Paradigm of tine”. They rehearsed in two halls. Several articles about Otto Dix were published in local press.
On the 3rd of July the first exit performance was held in Amursk. Then Otto Dix has recorded their first album “Ego” and made a video clip, which had been made in one ruined factory of Amursk. Draw was a stage manager. The group also had a lot of concerts.
Because of deplorable conditions of Far Eastern musical culture the band didn’t fit any company. So they have formed their own one. In winter (2005-2006) gothic club “Morion” and a gothic forum organized by Draw.
The group has performed in Vladivostok. Then Otto Dix has made a second video clip with the members of Morion club which was called “White Dust”. The clip dot the first place in Far Eastern charts.
In the summer 2006 the band moved to St.-Petersburg and released the album called “City”. Soon after that a TV program about Otto Dix was broadcast in Khabarovsk.
On August 27th the first performance was held in Red Club (St.-Petersburg). IN Red Club Otto Dix also played with a foreign band (Frozen Autumn). Then they started a mini-tour with a new album.
On 2nd of March the group appeared in a TV program “Unreliable but true” on TNT. It was a powerful jolt in group’s development. From that moment a new subculture movement “stalker-gothic” started.
In 2007 the band toured around Russian cities. Otto Dix had a great number of concerts and it differed them from other groups. The band also published a literary almanac “City” and worked with new materials. On September, 17th a premiere of a new clip “Metal Fatigue” was on A1 channel.
On 28th of September a book “Fuel” written by Draw and a book “I am Machine” written by Slip were printed. After that the group recorded another album “Nuclear Winter”.
Otto Dix has become much popular with their fans.
In 2007 the group became a trio. Peter Voronov (fiddler) had his first performance with Otto Dix on December, 15th. Then the band had a tour called ‘cyber vs violin’.
In 2008 a new book “Program error” by Draw was published. Some time later a new tour started around SNG countries.
In 2009 the group carried out a new album “Shadow Zone” and a new clip “Dream of Spring”, which was assembled and composed by Draw. Later they had a big tour during 5 months. Draw and Slip also printed two books: “Flesh and Steel” by Draw and “The man Infu” by Slip.
On 30th of May 2009 Otto Dix took part in Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in Leipzig. And they released album “Starost” in Germany.
In 2010 the group toured in honor of her anniversary. The concerts took place in “Castle Party” festival (Poland) and in Berlin.
At the end of 2010 Otto Dix recorded a new album “Wonderful Days” and made a new video clip “Beast”. Then a new tour with their album started.
Participants of group:
Michael Draw – vocals, lyrics, style, show
Marie Slip – music, programming, producing
Peter Voronov – violin, photo
2005 – Ego (self-release)
2006 – City (GRAVITATOR records)
2007 – Nuclear Winter (AMG records)
2007 – Ego (reprinting) (Dizzaster records)
2009 – Shadow Zone (GRAVITATOR records)
2010 – Wonderful Days (GRAVITATOR records)
Starost (Danse Macabre records)
DVD Metal fatigue (Dizzaster records)
2005 – Ego
2006 – White Dust
2008 – Metal fatigue
2009 – Dream Of Spring
2010 - Beast


Ад. Это не какое-то конкретное место. Ад транспортабелен. Мы все носим его в себе. Стоит нам только потерять контакт с состраданием, и ад тут как тут(с)

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